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Patient Participation Group

Patient Participation Group at Croft Hall Medical Practice

Patient Updates

Patient Update April 2016

Patient Update March 2016

Patient Participation Group Report 2014/15

Click here to download our Patient Participation Group Report 2014/15

The January Meeting

Kevin Dixon (patient and chair of Health watch), Heather Eardley (chair of The Patients’ Association) and Jay Ford (patient) will be holding their own ‘patient’ surgery on Wednesday 14th January from 10 - 2pm in the reception area at Croft Hall. They will be asking for your views and feedback on the practice and Heather will be able to tell you about the ‘New NHS Vision’ as envisaged by Simon Stevens Chief Executive of NHS England.

Join the group.

All levels of the NHS including NHS England, Care Quality Commission and Care Commissioning Groups have embodied within their constitution the importance of involving patients in their own care.  Simply put, “Care covers any intervention by the NHS in your personal health in whatever form.”  The bottom line is that you pay for the NHS and so should be able to influence and improve that care.

These are bold and strident claims but how do we involve patients to a greater degree in their care and allow YOU to have a voice which is heard by those in power?

Experience has taught us the best way to liaise with patients is to form a Patient Participation Group or PPG which, in turn, works closely with the National Patients’ Association

Everyone at Croft Hall Medical Practice recognises that care is a democratic transaction between the care provider and the patient.  Therefore, we endeavour to form a fully autonomous democracy, a PPG free from the taint of interest groups and politics  in order to allow patients’ views on the care they receive to be focussed and collated and then to implement the findings of such to the positive advantage and greater good of our patients.

“I feel intimidated by such events”, “I feel unworthy or embarrassed to give my view”,

“I haven’t got time or transport!!!”

Dispel these myths immediately.  Joining our PPG will give you the opportunity to have your say about the care you receive at Croft Hall Medical Practice in a safe and non-judgemental environment. Confidentiality is assured; all views are equally valid irrespective of creed, ethnicity and gender. Do not worry about committing yourself to hours of boring admin or meetings – go on line regularly to get an update of recent activities and initiatives or read our regular newsletter online or at reception.  If you do join our PPG we will then give you regular email updates and invitations to specific events as they arise.

You matter to us!

We ‘the patients’ are now being extolled by NHS England as “Experts by Experience” a term which recognises and acknowledges the validity and reliability of ‘the patient’ voice.

If you feel you would like to know more about our PPG at Croft Hall Medical Practice please press the ‘join now’ button.  This will not commit you to anything other than an email response from us inviting you to join.

Be bold and make a difference to the NHS and your health care now!

Click here to complete the online form to join the group.


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