We do not accept telephone requests for prescriptions/repeat prescriptions, as it is too easy to make mistakes using this method. Requests for repeat prescriptions must be made in person at the surgery or by email/letter. The email address for prescription requests is

When emailing a request please ensure you include your name, date of birth, details of the items you need and a contact number in case we encounter a problem. You can speak to a dedicated member of the prescription team on Option 2 between 2:30 - 4:30pm daily.

It takes two working days for the surgery to process a request. We do not accept prescription requests from pharmacies on your behalf unless you are a blister pack patient or classed as housebound. We ask that all requests for medication come from you, the patient. You are the best person to place your order as you know exactly what you need.

Please Remember...

  • Only order what you need. Do not over order or stockpile medicines
  • Please return unwanted or unused medicines to your local pharmacy for safe disposal. We cannot dispose of them for you.
  • A regular review of your medication is essential. You will be asked to see a GP at least yearly for this - some medicines require more frequent contact.
  • Do not share your medicines - you could put people at risk.
  • If you are admitted to hospital, please take all of your medication with you.


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